Beer The Beautiful Truth - Update 10 March 2017

The Brewers Association launched in February the start of its Beer the Beautiful Truth campaign.

As part of this, Nutrition Information Panels (NIPs) are being introduced across 450,000,000 bottles and cans of beer throughout the year; providing consumers with information about the contents of what they are drinking. This is a voluntary initiative in response to New Zealand consumer demand for nutritional labelling.  A Colmar Brunton survey, commissioned on behalf of the Brewers Association, found 75 per cent of New Zealanders thought that nutrition information should be on alcohol bottles, so this campaign is about providing consumers with the information they want.

As well as outlining that Beer the Beautiful Truth products are 99% sugar free, the packaging changes provide consumers with a standard nutrition information panel, as well as highlighting the carbohydrate and calorie content and preservative-free nature of the beer, alongside alcohol content, standard drinks labelling, the link to the Cheers! responsible drinking website, and pregnancy warning labelling.

We have invited New Zealand brewers to be part of the campaign that we believe will benefit the whole industry, as its aim is to help bust negative myths about what is in beer.

We believe that the more brewers get involved, the better for Kiwi consumers – which is why we have set up a fund to help with the costs of independent, scientific testing, for any brewers wishing to join the initiative.


For more information contact Kevin Sinnott on 021 883 699