Brewers Association Welcomes Extension on Voluntary Uptake of Labels



The Brewers Association today welcomed the decision of Trans-Tasman Food Ministers meeting in Sydney to extend the existing trial on voluntary uptake of pregnancy health warnings on alcohol product labels. The Forum will undertake a further review in two years.

The Legislative and Governance Forum of Food Communique states:

Ministers noted that the overall percentage of products with a pregnancy health warning label was encouraging, in particular the wine, beer and cider industries, but that there is a wide band of variability across product types.

In particular Ministers noted and expressed concern with the low uptake in the mixed alcoholic beverages or ready to drink category.

Commenting, Brewers Association CEO, Mrs Denita Wawn, said: “We stand ready to continue the productive work undertaken on effective messaging in this area and support the Forum’s approach to inform and target at risk consumers.”


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