Brewers join in plan to recognise our proud beer heritage and future in Tasmania



The Brewers Association of Australia and New Zealand has confirmed its commitment of $100,000 towards enhancing the tourism experience of the Tasmania’s beer and breweries.

“Tasmania holds an important link to the history of beer in Australia with Cascade Brewery in Hobart, established in 1832, being the oldest brewery in the country. As well, James Boag’s brewery was established in Launceston in 1881.” said Mrs Denita Wawn, CEO of the Brewers Association.

“The beer industry continues to invest in making their Tasmanian breweries a great destination for visitors and in marketing their uniquely Tasmanian brands”, she said.

“Beer has a wonderful heritage with important links to industry and agriculture in the State but also a bright future with a growth in craft beer that enhances the story of Tasmanian beer.

“The Brewers Association is looking forward to working with the rest of the Tasmanian beer industry, in consultation with the Tasmanian Government, to boost the Tasmanian beer tourism experience”.


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