Brewers warn that easily concealable vodka is not in the Christmas spirit



The Brewers Association says today’s implementation of the sweeping new legislation will have a significant impact on the industry and individuals in the way alcohol is supplied, sold, and marketed throughout New Zealand.

“The public concern over New Zealand’s drinking culture has been heard and today we enter a new era of both corporate and personal responsibility”, said Jenny Cameron, Director of External Relations of the Brewers Association.”

“The beer industry is committed to working to minimise the harm caused from inappropriate or excessive use of alcohol, and to ensure the sale, supply and consumption of alcoholic products is safe and responsible”, says Ms Cameron.

The Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012 has introduced a range of reforms and new offences. One such new provision is the ability to ban or restrict certain alcohol products that might be deemed to encourage irresponsible consumption, particularly dangerous to health, or have special appeal to young people.

This summer has seen the introduction of single serve, flavoured vodka sachets which are easily concealable, 20% ABV, could be used to top up drinks, smuggle alcohol in to a venue, and at worst, in spiking.


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