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Australians Continue to Enjoy Beer Responsibly

“When it comes to beer the facts are clear – the vast majority of Australians enjoy their beer responsibly”, said Tim Reardon, Executive Director of the Brewers Association.

The FARE Survey released today highlights that “On a typical occasion, the majority of Australian drinkers consume one or two standard drinks of alcohol…”.

“Most Australians consume beer safely and sociably, which is great news given recent research reported that moderate beer consumption can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease,” Mr Reardon added.

“Beer is heavily taxed in Australia and raises around $2.5 billion in excise each year. “We recognise there is still a minority who drink to excess and we support targeted interventions that will change this behaviour.

“The brewing industry is the largest single funder of DrinkWise Australia, which invests significantly in highly awarded cultural change programs aimed at creating a healthier and safer drinking culture in Australia.”

The Brewers Association of Australia and New Zealand is committed to the promotion of responsible consumption of alcohol, and supports targeted intervention that will successfully reduce harm for specific impact groups.


Further information: Tim Reardon – Executive Director, Brewers Association of Australia and New Zealand 0423 141 031

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New Executive Director for the Brewers Association


The Board of the Brewers Association of Australia & New Zealand is pleased to announce Mr Tim Reardon has been appointed the organisation’s new Executive Director.

Mr Reardon has most recently represented the electricity industry and has also represented a number of other industries at both the Commonwealth and State levels for 15 years.

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Brewers Association rejects higher taxes on beer drinkers


The Brewers Association rejects calls to hit millions of responsible beer drinkers with increased taxes.

Beer is highly taxed compared to the rest of the world, with Australia ranking second only to Finland when tax rates are compared across the UK, Europe, Canada and the USA. Tax rates are then indexed twice a year to keep pace with inflation.

Beer drinkers already pay $2 billion in excise every year.

FARE's call to further increase beer taxes by 10 per cent and link indexation to average weekly earnings would see ordinary beer drinkers forking out yet more money to the Government.

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