New data highlights there is no alcohol crisis in Australia



The decline in alcohol consumption by Australians continues – dispelling the myth that we have a growing alcohol crisis in Australia.

Latest data by the Australian Bureau of Statistics showing an ongoing decline in alcohol consumption is welcome from an overall health perspective of the nation.

CEO of the Australian Brewers Association, Denita Wawn said “the data reinforces our view that consumption is moderating, and that population wide policy responses to alcohol misuse, such as calls to ban advertising and sponsorship, are simply not the answer to affect change.”

The Brewers Association acknowledges that there is still further work to be done in reaching high risk consumer groups.

“A whole of community approach with targeted interventions remain the key to reducing irresponsible and harmful alcohol misuse in Australia.

"The data unfortunately also shows that beer continues to be in decline at the expense of wine and spirits.”

“It is encouraging that the growth of mid-strength beer continues, representing around 19% of all beer consumed in Australia, which clearly identifies that Australian’s are looking for lower alcohol options.”


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