Today is International Beer Day!



Today is International Beer Day! And the Brewers Association is encouraging responsible celebration as Australians join revellers in more than 50 countries.

Brewers Association CEO, Denita Wawn, says the industry remains a more than $15 billion generator of economic activity from “land to hand”.

Australian beer production - 90% of beer consumed in Australia is produced in Australia - relies upon Australian barley and hop growers, the Australian packaging and transport industries and those working in retail and hospitality to get beer to Australian consumers resulting in over 105,000 jobs in Australia.

The beer industry is proud of its history in Australia with many of our iconic brands still in existence today including Carlton Draught, XXXX Gold and Coopers.

The particularly strong ties of the beer industry in Tasmania have led to a partnership between the Brewers Association and the Tasmanian government to promote beer tourism.

Brewers are now forging new history, with a broader range of styles and brands, and consumers are recognising that beer is a drink for all occasions including pairing with food. So, Australian’s can now celebrate Australian beer and try something new on International Beer Day.

The Brewers Association has commissioned an Australian image marking the day entitled ‘Friday afternoon’ painted by artist Rachel Flynn of Mudgee in New South Wales. This is attached for media use.

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