Making Beer

Australian beers are naturally brewed and borne of simple, locally-grown and sourced ingredients – derived from 200,000 tonnes of malting barley and 500 tonnes of hops each year – that help support Australian farmers and regional communities.

The following short videos take you through the brewing process one step at a time to explain how malt (predominantly barley), hops, yeast and water combine to make the spice of life…

For more information on Australian beer, its source ingredients and contribution, checkout Beer: The Facts.

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    Hops: the spice of beer…

    Each beer’s distinctive flavour, character and morish quality comes down to the hop.

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    Malt: the soul of beer…

    Malt is the grain component that gives beer its colour, consistency and texture.

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    New flavours: for something different…

    Experimenting with new flavours makes for dynamic, modern beers. Hail the brewers!

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    Water: the unsung hero…

    The type of water that comprises 90% of a beer makes a massive difference in flavour.

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    Yeast: the magic ingredient…

    Yeast gives beer its alcohol content, billions of micro-organisms working just for you.

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