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Brewers Association of Australia

The Brewers Association is the peak body representing leading beer makers and beer lovers across Australia. After all, 9 million Aussie beer drinkers paying $3.6 billion in beer taxes each year cannot be ignored.

Crafting Australia's premier and best loved beers, our members make around 80% of beer sold in the country to be major contributors to the economic and social lifeblood of the nation.

Hot Issues

NHMRC Proposed Australian Guidelines to Reduce Health Risks from Drinking Alcohol

Fundamental flaws in the methodology and ultimate findings in the draft Drinking Guidelines are not consistent with the very data provided in the document itself. The recommendations appear to be deliberately misleading and, clearly, not supported by evidence...

NHMRC Drinking Guidelines

Dr Tim Cooper AM MSc MD MBA, Deputy Chair of the Brewers Association of Australia and Managing Director of Coopers Brewery, pens his submission on the NHMRC Drinking Guidelines, bringing to the fore his medical expertise and real world knowledge of the science underpinning alcohol consumption...

Excise Duties on Beer: Australia in International Perspective (Updated February 2020)

Economist Prof Kym Anderson AC updates his August 2019 research comparing beer tax around the world. The February 2020 analysis of Australia compared with the advanced economies of the OECD and EU takes into account the ATOs latest CPI hike, showing Australia, at $2.26 per litre, is the fourth highest beer taxed nation. We then pay another 10% GST on top of everything, including the beer tax. It also automatically increases every six months...

Latest News


Australia's three major brewers – Coopers, Lion and Carlton & United Breweries – have today called on the Government to make the humble pot, schooner and pint of draught beer at pubs and clubs more affordable to help stimulate Australia's flailing economy and many struggling industries

Time for a cold one as Heffernan bids farewell to Brewers

Over the past three-and-a-half years under Brett Heffernan's leadership, Brewers has punched way above its weight - politically, in the media, as a policy and advocacy voice and a trusted, reliable partner. Brett is never half-hearted in anything he does and the Board of the Brewers Association wishes him every success in whatever comes next...

Raising a glass in the age of Coronavirus

International Beer Day 2020. A year like no other. Have we ever more looked forward to having a beer with mates? Perhaps, that's the message out of this year's event. The appreciation of our usual way of life and the joy a schooner at the pub or a stubby around the barbie will bring when family and friends are reunited...

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