Another beer tax increase to hit beer drinkers and the hospitality sector

Beer drinkers will be hit with another increase in the beer tax on Tuesday 1st August – a 2.2% increase in just 6 months.

The beer tax has now gone up by more than 10 per cent since the last federal election last year.

The latest increase will mean beer drinkers will pay $20 beer tax for a slab of full-strength beer, or almost $4 in beer tax when buying a round of 4 pints (full-strength). The publican will now be whacked around $80 in beer tax for a keg (full-strength)

Under the previous Coalition Government we saw almost 20 beer tax increases which have driver Australia’s beer tax rate to amongst the highest in the world. In fact, Australia has overtaken Japan to have the third highest tax in the world with only Norway and Finland taxing beer at a higher rate.

CEO of the Brewers Association John Preston said:

  • “A 10 per cent increase in the beer tax since last year just shows that these tax hikes are becoming out of control. We don’t believe these increases are now actually raising any more money for the Government. They are just hurting beer drinkers and our pubs and clubs.”
  • “While the Treasurer inherited these automatic half-yearly beer tax increases, we’re calling on the Government to step in and take some action before a trip to the pub or a dinner out with the family becomes an unaffordable luxury for most Australians”.

Contact details:

CEO of the Brewers Association of Australia

John Preston

0416 209 351