International beer day 2021 – celebrate our brewing industry and support your local

Inclined Glass of beer

International Beer Day was founded in Santa Cruz, California in 2007 with a call to gather with friends to enjoy a beer, celebrate the brewing industry and unite beer drinkers from all over the world.

It’s fair to say that today, on International Beer Day in Australia in 2021, this seems like a bit of a challenge.

As things stand Covid-19 has meant pubs and clubs in Sydney have been closed for weeks.

Victorian hospitality operators are staring down the barrel of their sixth lockdown. Pubs across Australia are subject to operating restrictions.

And just for a kicker the beer tax rate went up again on Monday after 70 straight increases over the last 35 years.

This is after a horror year for Australian pubs and clubs in 2020 with over $1 billion in lost revenue from beer sales and over 370,000 beer kegs having to be tipped down the drain due to lockdowns.

But John Preston, CEO of the Brewers Association of Australia, says there are still many reasons to raise a glass and celebrate Australian beer today:

“Even in lockdown we can still celebrate the amazing brewing industry we have here in Australia and the world’s best hospitality sector which it supplies”, said Mr Preston.

“85 per cent of the beer consumed in Australia is brewed locally and today’s a great day to celebrate beers like Carlton Draught, XXXX, Coopers, VB, and Tooheys which are iconic brands across Australia and huge contributors to our local communities and national economy.”

“So, if you’re allowed to, today we ask that you go out and celebrate International Beer Day with an Australian brewed beer at your local pub.

“And, if not, you can still jump on a zoom call with your mates or your family. Stick the TV on and watch Australia hoover up Golds at the Olympics. Grab a beer you’ve never tried before, or, if that’s too much at the moment, stick with your usual. And raise a glass to the brewing industry.

Media Contact – John Preston, CEO Brewers Association– 0416 209 351