International Beer Day 2022 – Raise a glass to celebrate Australian beer

Media Release – Friday, 5th August 2022

Australian beer drinkers are being encouraged to raise a glass today to recognise the value of beer in Australia on International Beer Day.

It is a day to celebrate that beer is a great Australian success story, with 85 per cent of beer sold in Australia having been brewed here, using fresh Australian barley, wheat and hops. In a typical year brewers purchase around $500 million of agricultural products and directly support 3,000 farm jobs. Beer also generates $16 billion every year for the Australian economy.

The new Prime Minister, Anthony Albanese, has said that “Australia must be a country that makes things.” We believe there is no finer example of this than the brewing sector.

It’s been a challenging time for the Australian brewing and hospitality sectors.

Australian beer is the key product for most pubs and clubs round the country and our hospitality sector is still rebuilding after the pandemic.

And as significant cost of living increases put more pressure on the hip pocket the fact that the Government’s beer tax has just gone up by the biggest amount in over 30 years means it’s more difficult for people to head out and enjoy a beer at their local.

John Preston, CEO of the Brewers Association of Australia, said:

“International Beer Day is a great day to get down to your local for a meal with the family or a beer with your mates and celebrate this wonderful industry.

“Celebrating Australian beer is also about celebrating our farmers who produce the barley and hops that make our beer so special and our hospitality sector which does so much to bring us together.”

Media Contact – John Preston, CEO Brewers Association– 0416 209 351