No Budget beer tax cut means more pain for pubs, clubs and beer drinkers

 Commenting on the Federal Budget, John Preston, CEO of the Brewers Association, said:

 “We’re extremely disappointed that the Federal Government has not cut draught beer tax in the Budget.

 “Australia has the 4th highest beer tax rate in the world and in refusing to address this the Government has ignored calls from pubs, clubs and Australia’s 11 million beer drinkers. The Government has endorsed its continued twice yearly beer tax increases which will mean that next year Australians will be paying the third highest beer taxes in the world.

 “This is not sustainable for pubs and clubs. It’s also not fair for everyone who enjoys the great Australian pastime of a having a beer with their friends at their local.

 “99 per cent of draught beer consumed in Australia is brewed here. The Australian beer industry supports over 100,000 jobs through its supply chain – from barley and hops production, great manufacturing jobs, and people employed in pubs and clubs throughout Australia.

 “We will continue the campaign for a draught beer tax cut and will be seeking a commitment from both the Coalition and Labor at the upcoming Federal Election.